Authors and composers take their work and the musical diversity of Colombia to WOMEX 2019


Our music industry has grown, offering authors and composers structures that allow them to register their creations, expanding the landscape of independent sounds that can now access marketing processes including Synchronization (the process through which a musical work can be used in an audiovisual product such as film, advertising, tv, etc.). This is a new form of sustainability that was not accessible previously because of a lack of organization in our industry. As Carbonero Publishing, our mission of providing appropriate guidance for authors and composers is now a reality.

For Carbonero Publishing, and it’s director Alejandro Santa, reaching a cultural market like Womex 2019 is an important opportunity that, hand in hand with the corporate group it belongs to together with LaMú and Sonoro, opens doors and opportunities for alliances, representation and activation of musical works for Colombians and for any other artist around the world that may require publishing actions within our territory.

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Andrea Claros (Andrea Tráfico), autora y compositora colombiana

Andrea Claros (Andrea Tráfico), autora y compositora colombiana

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