Frequently Asked Questions

What does a publisher do?

In our publishing role, Carbonero Publishing ensures that songwriters and composers receive royalties when their work is used commercially. This is achieved through something called a publishing contract.

Based on this, we license compositions, help control where they are used, and collect royalties from their commercialization.

What rights do you have and where do you receive royalties?

USAGE LICENSING RIGHTS:  This is an agreement whereby the author or the copyright holder to the content states what other can do regarding copying, reproduction, modification, adaptation, translation, public broadcast or commercial usage of a copyrighted work.

DIGITAL PUBLIC BROADCASTING RIGHTS: Consists of the right to distribute the musical work via sale or any other form of transfer of ownership.

IMAGE EXPLOITATION RIGHTS: Consists of the right to obtain, reproduce and publish one’s own image, and to authorize third parties to do so.

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